Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You Note #1

I will fly to Seoul on 2 to 6 March 2011. I tweet this morning and mention @AirAsia in my tweet! Diorg really reply I balik! #1 Thanks to @AirAsia
AirAsia reply me!
I reply lagi skali! Puas hati!
Also, #2 thanks to sesiapa yg sponsored hadiah during Volleyhood Championship. Sblm ni in my previous entry (click kat sini uols) I ada tersalah bg info yg Suza bg botol air tu. Oppss..Maaf! Jgn ada yg terasa ok. Suza sponsored CD case! Tapi I tak dpt pun yg tu. But for sure, thanks to Utt to sponsor the paper bag, Aziz the Editor of Capsule and Ms. Zy yg susah payah balut hadiah tu semua!
Thanks to Utt! MPO cun! Next time bg free ticket ok!
Now I can chestnut 
OMG! So creative and gigih utk balut semua ni! Kudos Zy
So, itu shj for my Thanks Note this time! Nanti I tulis lagi ok!

P/s: Today I jumpa Kevin Zahri uols!



artisticklytouch said...

it's plastic bag, not paper bag hehehe nanti I get some ticket for u & John k..

Anonymous said...

kimmi..have a wonderful trip to seoul..ko g nami island x..???