Friday, April 15, 2011

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

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Last Wednesday, 13 April 2011, I dpt invitation untuk ke Sheraton Hotel for the launching of their "M Floor". The renovation looks very cozy, young and chic! This floor is meant for business yg hado classroom, function room, board room etc. At the same time jugak, diorg showcase the best of Sheraton lah dgn coming out with the best food by the best chef and all types of events that you ever think of etc. And kalau uols nak tau, I dah makan chocolate with real gold on it! Rasa macam Top 20 Most Richest Celebrity *pastikan nada yg betul masa sebut* kat Channel E plak!
Star Wars theme
X-Men theme
Pirates of The Caribbean theme 
Soccer theme
Golfer theme
Hmm..yum yum...
InsyaAllah, kalau murah rezeki, I duduk situ, I upload gambar bilik dia pulak k. Uols ada cerita food yg best2 kat hotel tak? Kalau ada, share lah dgn I. Cite yg best2 je ok. Yg tak best tolak tepi... *nampak tak kemalasan I dah bermula dengan entry yg semakin pendek*

P/s: Co I nak buat trip either to LGK/BKI!


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