Thursday, January 5, 2012

Latest Perfume and 2011

Salam 2012. As much as I don't really like 2011, but I have 1 of the best moment of having the best perfume ever. Thanks to Ajax Shams & Monkey for the fragrances. Tanpa kalian, mungkin I tidak berbau wangi seperti anda yang lain *matilah tetap nak carut kau yg tgh baca*. 
L'Occitane The Vert from Monkey - Christmas 2011
YSL L'Homme from AUH
Dior Higher Energy from AUH

2011 - Banyak perkara terjadi pada tahun 2011 dalam diri I. To name a few, VH competition which my team won first runner up, Korean trip, my brother's wedding at Indonesia *yes....he's married with a pretty Indonesian lady*, VH dinner, the reborn of Sophie Elise Katarina....awww.....too many! But above all, ada sad stories too which I don't think I'll share with uols. Macam mana dengan uols? Please story dengan I. Lastly, I wanna quote this:

"You cannot change the PAST but you can make YOUR PRESENT full of JOY by learning from your mistakes done in PAST.Wishing YOU all a year and FUTURE full of HAPPINESS and blessings" - Shruti Arya



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